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[IP] Re: Disgusted with Medtronic

 Yes, the problem is with Medicare. Unfortunately the reason Medicare makes
everyone go through such hoops (30 days of logs, endo visits every 3 months,
etc.) is because of the billions of dollars Medicare (i.e., taxpayers) lose each
year due to fraud. DME, especially test strips, are one of the prime fraud
targets. All those strips and sensors, etc., from eBay and Amazon marketplace
are likely black market supplies that the seller got from Medicare. In fact on
another forum people were saying that the strips they bought from Amazon sellers
came with a label on them that said Medicare. That is illegal and is insurance
fraud, in this case Medicare fraud.

  Besides the cost to taxpayers, the other result is that we have all these
hoops and frustrations trying to get our supplies. I'm sure Medtronic is extra
cautious because they're so big that they're more likely to be audited than a
smaller supplier. Also different regions of the country have different Medicare
administrative contractors (MACs) who are the ones responsible for processing
the claims, enforcing the Medicare rules, etc. Some of these MACs have stricter
requirements than others, so your experience partly depends on where you live.

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 > On Mar 7, 2018, at 9:09 AM, insulin-pumpers-digest
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> John, I agree. Medicare has been enforcing rules for obtaining pump supplies
> and requiring more physical documentation to be given by suppliers. May be
> picking on the larger companies.
> What I have just experienced is Medicare wouldnbt let Medtronic send my
> supplies without a copy of my 30 day log. My Endocrinologist only downloads 2
> weeks at every 90 day visit. They wouldnbt supply Medtronic with my logs. My
 > eyesight is low. Written logs look almost unreadable. Medtronic helped me to
> my logs and will send my supplies.
> I am 79 and long term user of Medtronic pump supplies. 
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> Phyllis
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