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Re: [IP] Disgusted with Medtronic

I went through the same exact thing at the end of last year and I am not on

My issue was due to some health issues My insulin usage was up for about 2
months so therefore went through supplies a bit faster than usual.  I was
actually within the time limit of ordering supplies that my Insurance company
allows and still went around in hoops.

The procedure is usually in this situation is for Medtronic to contact your
insurance company, Medicare or otherwise and request an exception. I would
expect most insurance companies would approve the exception based on the type
of supplies it is.

I had to explain to many Medtronic reps & supervisors that Insulin is not a
static drug and the amount changes constantly based on Blood Sugar, etc...
Minimed used to higher nurses who actually used the pump and that seems like a
thing of the past and I agree that their customer service has gone way down. I
do like there products though.

What Medtronic wanted to do was get a whole.e new prescription from my doctors
office which was ludicrous based on the issue.

Eventually I got the supplies but I cam dangerously close to running out.

In the past I have used 3rd party medical supply companies to purchase my pump
supples and am considering to do that again, but of course that can open up a
whole new set of challenges.

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I have been pumping for many years and have always had great support from
Medtronic.  Lately they have been unbelievably toxic to me, so I am asking
you all what other company are you happy with that doesn't treat people on
Medicare like second class citizens.

To tell you what is going on with me:  I have been reusing reservoirs for
nearly 2 weeks now because Medtronic insists I shouldn't have run out yet.
This also happened to me several months ago.  I have called them numerous
times.  So has my doctor's office and the Medtronic rep.  They continued to
insist I have plenty more.  First they said they would ship my order March
1, then it became March 5, and then yesterday I received an email that said
they will ship on March 12th!!  Yesterday when I called I spoke to "Adrian"
who told me he needed to know when my last MD appt was.  I had taken care of
this the week before, but he couldn't find the information, and apparently
they no longer can take my word for it.  My next appointment is tomorrow!  I
told him to ship me one box of reservoirs and I would pay for them.  He said
he couldn't do that.  Can you believe it?  We went 'round and 'round for
about 20 minutes.  He even put me on hold and called my MD office, but said
he wasn't able to contact anyone.  Doc's office is at Inova; there is always
someone to answer the phone!  I finally asked to speak to a supervisor.  I
ended up with "Lillian" from the "Leadership Team" who, in my opinion, needs
to retake the leadership classes.  She told me all the same things, but then
called my doctor's office and received the information she needed, which was
exactly what I had already told both Adrian and her as well as another agent
last week.  Then she told me she needed 30 days of BG readings.  Well, I
have the Dexcom CGM now, so my readings aren't all in my pump!  I sent her a
printout of my readings from a Dexcom chart, but she said she needed it on
the form she emailed me, and as soon as she received it she would ship my
order!  I sent her a month's worth of readings yesterday afternoon and
awaited notice that my order was shipped.  Meanwhile, I ordered 2 boxes of
reservoirs from "ADW Diabetes" on line, and they shipped immediately.  This
morning I emailed Lillian again to ask if my order was shipped, since I had
heard not one word from her since I sent my BGs, not even confirmation she
received that email.  I know she did, because I received a read-receipt.
Now she says she is waiting for insurance verification!!!  I also left a
message for the Medtronic rep yesterday to call me, which he did not.
Between Adrian &  Lillian yesterday, I was on the phone nearly 45 minutes.

So basically, that is my story.  The reservoirs from Medtronic have still
not shipped, even tho I have over and over given them everything they
requested.  So this is why I now am looking for a pump company that gives a
damn about its customers, even if they're on Medicare.

Thanks for listening and helping.  I am very upset, discouraged, and

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