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[IP] Re: Desperate for Paradigm tubing

 I have several boxes of Silhouettes with tubing. I usually throw it away as I
only change the tubing out once every several weeks. The trouble is that I'd
have to open the packages in advance and leave the sets in unsterile conditions
until I'm ready to use them. Better would be to swap out sets. I'll be happy to
trade you for some of your packages without tubing for some of mine with. Email
me at email @ redacted and let's figure it out. Pam

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 > On Mar 5, 2018, at 6:29 PM, insulin-pumpers-digest
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Last year just before my  insurance plan ended I ordered extra supplies. I
> thought I ordered the bcombob pack of silhouette infusion sets with half
> the tubing. Last week I got into the box and it turns out they donbt have
> ANY tubing! No problem, I thought, I have some emergency sets and Ibll just
> reuse the tubing.  Itbs not working and I keep getting  bNo Deliveryb.
> Ibm so frustrated because I used to throw my extra tubing away.  Does anyone
> have a bunch of extra silhouette tubing theybd be willing to stuff in a
> padded envelope and pop in the mail to me please? I use 23b but Ibm not
> going to be picky and Ibd be happy to pay your postage!
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