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[IP] Re: (IP) Medtronic CGM and thighs

 You are not the only one with this problem. I have to use the angled Silhouette
infusion sets because I rotate from side to side and my back during sleep and
Quick Sets get totally smushed into muscle or whatever and don't work. I had to
switch to my love handles and top of butt some years ago due to overused abdomen
(pumping since 1993). Much trial and error led to the above conclusion about the
Quick Sets getting smushed when lying on them. Sils are okay but you need
someone else to insert them for you in those areas.
 I tried the new BD FlowSmart Pro-Sets during their trial launch last fall and
once I started using the inserter instead of inserting them manually they worked
great since they have the additional side port. They are the answer to the
smushing problem as you can insert them yourself into your rear areas and they
don't get blocked when you lie on them. I'm anxiously waiting for them to come
back onto the market.Pam
 <I have a question about placing infusion sets on the top part of your butt.
Idid try this once or twice, and it worked fine - until I laid down in bed. I'm
side sleeper, so when I turn over in my sleep or sit up to get out of bed, my
set gets "smushed" as it were. Any advice? I use the Quick sets 90-degree. Is
that the problem? I'd appreciate any suggestions as my abdomen is quite used up
after pumping since 2001!>
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