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[IP] Dexcom G4 Receiver Life

Hi, Annabella,
Here is my experience with a G4 Receiver ending its life.
Like you I am on Medicare and pay out of pocket.B  I bought a new receiver
October 2014.B  13 months later in Nov 2015 it began to fail.
The symptom was getting the Out of Range message, although there was no reason
for it. The receiver was still in my pocket.
It got to the point I would get Out of Range and it would not come back on for
a couple of hours or more.

So I called Dexcom, really just wanting to confirm the receiver was dying.
The Dexcom rep told me to put a paperclip in the hole on the back of the
receiver, push it in and hold it there for a count of 10 .B  She asked me if
the receiver had vibrated.B  It had.B  And it also started up and began
working again.
>From that tip, I extended the life of the G4 receiver until Jan 3, 2016 when
it did finally die. Would not come back with the paperclip.
Hope that helps you.Maryle-Dexcom, Spirit pump.


Annabelle wrote: I have been using my Dexcom G4 receiver since the start of
January 2015, so
nearly 15
 months old, well past warranty. How do I know when I should replace it? I
recently replaced
 the Transmitter after 13 months, that was easy it told me when it needed
replacing. How do I
 know with the receiver? When it starts acting strange, say not responding as
expected to
 calibrations. As I am on Medicare I pay for the Dexcom stuff myself, so the
longer it lasts the

Thanks for any insights.
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