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[IP] Re: (IP) Highs and the ER

I'm throwing out another idea to consider about the highs after changing sets.
I've experienced this a lot and leaving the old set in doesn't really help. I
finally realized that this usually happens if I wait until 3 days to change
sites. My theory, at least for my body, is that by that point the old site is
oftenB not working well anymore and the basals and boluses aren't being
absorbed very well. It's just coincidence with when I put in the new set.
When I am faithful about changing at 2 1/2 days IB rarely have this problem. I
am much more likely to be able to go three days in areas where I have a little
more fat. When I use the leanest parts of my body (very low on my stomach or
higher up above my belly button) is when I have to be extra careful about
changing at 2 1/2 days. The last two times I waited for 3 days I was in the
300's for about six hours despite big correction boluses. I started rapidly
climbing right around the time of the set change and I really think that it
was my basals from the old set not being absorbed well. In one of those
instances I had also taken my breakfast bolus with the old set right before
changing sets, which is why I don't think it was the new set. I also left the
old set in each time just in case. Every time I've changed at 2 1/2 days I've
been fine. I don't know your timing of set changes, but this is something you
should consider as well. Pam
<Does anyone have highs after changing their site? I am very thin, 78 years
and have a hard time finding fat on my body to insert the needle. I use Rapid
D"s. My highs last 5-6 hours before the BS goes down. I usually have to take
corrections much higher than what my pump indicates.>
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