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Set chg highs WSS: [IP] Highs and the ER

Adding to the comments and suggestions
(2 more cents!)

Think about how long you rise (-2 hrs, maybe)
How much nasal would you get in that time?
 Use one of the suggestions to get that insulin (prime or bolus) to cover the
'set not working yet' time period
Chk BG at set/frequent intervals until it's where it should be AND steady
 Many here have discovered that leaving the old set in for a few hours help them
with the 'set chg high' issue; it's as if the site has a magic power, haha

 Be careful to allow a higher than normal tolerance for those 4 hrs!! (Example:
Don't do correction bolus for under 250, maybe)

 Like all else relating to Diabeasties, YMMV, and it needs to be a controlled
and documented 'experiment', so you can tweak it each time, until you find what
works for you. I'm thinking the best time to do this experiment would be during
a steady BG window, if you have those?!

I repeat the caution
Pick an 'acceptable high for experimenting' and 
don't over correct !!!!    (stacking will give you lows later on!!)

Good luck on finding a solution for YOU!


>> Does anyone have highs after changing their site? I am very thin, 78
>> years old
>> and have a hard time finding fat on my body to insert the needle. I use
>> Rapid
>> D"s. My highs last 5-6 hours before the BS goes down. I usually have to
>> take
>> corrections much higher than what my pump indicates.
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