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Re: [IP] Allergy to insulin when using pump but not syringes

I used Humalog and Novolog in my pump for years. Over many years I developed
and irritation at the site with both insulins. B My endo changed me to Apidra
because it had no zinc like the other two had and now I have no site
      From: Tina Hudspeth <email @ redacted>
 To: insulin-pumper. <email @ redacted>
 Sent: Sunday, March 8, 2015 7:04 PM
 Subject: [IP] Allergy to insulin when using pump but not syringes

I have a theory about this (unscientific, of course). My theory is this: If
you have allergy issues on the pump, then you likely have the same allergy
via syringe. The difference is that with the pump, the insulin is
contacting a continual concentrated area at the pump site, where with
syringes you are moving to different locations constantly.
What made me think of it is that I have a sulfur allergy, mainly to sulfur
based antibiotics, which is a concentrated form. Yet other medications
containing sulfur, and dried fruit processed with sulfur can be fine. If i
REALLY indulge in dried fruit, I do react to the sulfur with severe
itching. I had not really considered the dried fruit being sulfur
processed, until my sister was moving, and we had a huge bag from costco
that we munched on a LOT that afternoon, as it was pretty much the only
thing around, and yep, here came the hives.

I still eat dried fruit on an occasion, but just in the normal handful
style, not in the meal replacement very hungry sty
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