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Re [IP]: Nightime bolus and morning crash

  Hi, Jan - Thanks for your post on the above subject.  I did not reply on IP
because I didn't know if you would get it.  I take my thyroid pill about the
same time each day, early AM or at lest within an hour or two of the early AM
routine.  I always take it on an empty stomach I get tested every year too.
If my BG is too low, say at 3 AM, I first correct that and when recovered, say
2 or 3 hours later, I will take the thyroid med.  There is no question of
changing medication; I need to buy the least expensive generic on the market.
What o you mean by "messed up"?

  I have four basal rates.  I have lowered the early ones since retiring, I
found that I am not as hungry as I used to.  Since I have no insurance, I have
not seen my endo in about a year.  Once or twice a year we communicate by
email and he does not charge me.  He is not the type to micro-manage my
diabetes.  He knows that I know what do do, usually.  I check my A1C every
three months, the last being 6.7.  Once a year we do the usual stuff: thyroid,
kidneys and others that he may suggest and report back to him.  I buy the
tests online and go to a local lab to have blood drawn.  This routine has been
working for four years.  As long as the A1C is a relatively good range, we are
both happy.

  Thanks again, Liliana
  By *messed up* I mean she has a sensitive system and couldn't even go to
church for several weeks and she was all discombobulated. She is not a PWD.
Was sick, etc. She did get straightened out after I had her talk to her
pharmer.  My regular routine with my synthyroid is usually from 5:30 7:00 a.m
daily and wait an hour.

  Lately I'm a mess! I got a Prolia shot that lasts 6 months for bone health,
then a week later an epidural with cortisone for my osteoarthritus in cervical
spine where I have a fractured C-6  and cannardlly hold my head up from pain.
I'm having a colonoscopy on Tuesday on an off day with no Dialysis.  Oh, and I
fell in the house and bruised my side. I have no appetite for a few weeks now
and very anemic nor energy.

  My A1c' usually runs 5.7-7.1 and my endo is not happy. I take 6-46-14 Tests
a day and he isn't happy. He wants me to write them all down. it aunt going to
happen! he can read then off my 2 meters. I have too much going if too do all
all that - after 64 years of this.

  Thanks for responding.

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