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Re: [IP] Nightime bolus and morning crash

>Sometimes it helps to just correct minus 1 or 2 units
> less and take my early thyroid medication. This medi-
> cation seems to make by BG go low.  Anyone experience that?

I have not experienced that, but *I* think it is an unwise thing to do to
take a medication earlier than regularly scheduled. Think about that: you
are overlapping its effect from rhe previous day day and spreading out the
effect over the next day. You can really mess yourself up. How will you
eventually get back on schedule?

I know it's been awhile since this list has discussed Basal Fasting. Read
your pump manual OR the Fourth Edition of Pumping by John Walsh & his wife
Ruth Roberts. First do the carb counting, then when your Bg is in range,
Fast for about 6 hours and then fast again, if still in range at the BG you
want, Fast again, throughout a 24 hour period but not on the same day. This
will also require testing at 3:00 AM one or two days to see what your BG is.
The result should be pretty steady over different days. Read the manual. So
if-- surgery  is looming you should be able to get through a day without 
and staying  within your levels.  I will reduce my basal by about 50% or so
> depending the starting number.

I have a friend who was changed to a substitute  t'roid med. She was really
messed up and usually took it and ate immediately. Not to do. She got the
Synthroid back - awfully messed up. I suggest she do it like the
instructions - empty stomach, wait an hour to eat even though it made her
queasy but stretch out the wait over time

How many Basal Rates do some of you have? There are 48 diff. possibilities
on most pumps.

Jan - T-1, 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)*, Dialyzing 7/8/02
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