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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-Humalog vs. Novolog

 Yes, I too had a Humalog allergy when it was used in the pump, not when
injected by syringe. Something to do with the plastic of the cannula interacting
with the preservative in the Humalog. I switched to Novolog about ten years ago
with no problems. I don't remember the specifics now, but I did have to slightly
adjust my dosages and duration time because for me it did act slightly
differently. I just can't remember which way I had to adjust. I think maybe a
longer duration but I can't swear by it. If Novolog isn't on my insurance's
formulary I need to get an exception to allow it instead of Humalog. I've never
had a problem though getting it approved. As far as price, each insurance plan
and pharmacy chain negotiates their own prices for drugs. That's why some plans
have Humalog on their formulary and others have Novolog. It just depends on
which is cheaper for them based on their negotiations.

 As far as meters, I was able to get an exception to let me use the Bayer
Contour Next Link meter that talks to my Minimed pump even though it wasn't on
the formulary. As Laura says, the doctor just needs to say that's the meter that
works with your pump. It was easy. Pam

<Well, first of all, yes it is possible to have an insulin allergy.B  I assume
most folks dont, but I did and I was able to enter into the Novolog
Compassionate use program back when it was first being offered to US
patients.B  Humalog gives me a terrible allergy problem.B  Because of that, I
would have to insist on being allowed to use Novolog.as for the strips, I am
back to using One Touch for my Ping (and formerly for my Revel pump).My HMO
asks for a prior authorization, and that's all it takes for one full year.I
would never let them get away with telling you what meter you need to use.B 
Always let them know that your pump works with a certain meter (if you care
about that) and try to get an authorization approved.Laura in NM>
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