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[IP] Insulin Cost of 139-150$

Do you know you can go to their websites and get customer discount cards
for Novalog, I know, but also many other items. I use the Contour Next
strips, and they are not the preferred for my insurance. So I go to their
website and get their customer discount card. Without it, my co-pay is $50,
with it my co-pay is $15. I just had to renew mine, they last for a year,
and just print out and give to the pharmacy and they should keep it on file
for you and run it automatically. My new one is sitting in my pocket for
this evening.
Many other meds this is available as well, as long as it is brand name, I
also use the customer discount program for the Volteran cream that I use
(topical celebrex type stuff-works wonders!). It reduces my co-pay by 25$,
also one for one of my asthma inhalers ($15 off 25$ co-pay).

It pays to check the medication you are taking by goggling it and going to
the company website.

Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 13:12:27 -0800
From: Michael Plinski <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] Humalog vs. Novolog

I agree, both work the same for me.  The insurance probably have better deal
with Novolog than they do with Lilly.  Insulin is extremely expensive.  Back
in the late sixties, before insurance was invented, you could buy pork/beef
iletin for 1.99 a vial.  Of course it isn't as good as the product we have
today, but still I wonder when is the payoff for the dna research.  I have
been paying 139-150 bucks a vial for over 12 years.
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