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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-difference between Medicare supplemental insurance and secondary insurance

 Phyllis has it right. Supplemental, also known as Medigap, supplements Medicare
Parts A and B (hospital and medical services). That means that it only covers
what Medicare covers and simply pays the Medicare deductibles and copays (i.e.,
the "gaps" in Medicare). However if something is not covered by Medicare, such
as CGMs, routine podiatry for non-diabetics, acupuncture, etc., then the Medigap
supplement won't pay either. Medigaps do not pay for most outpatient
prescription drugs either, with some exceptions (such as insulin used in a pump
or other drugs administerd by a medical professional). You need a separate
Medicare Part D plan for most drugs.

 Secondary insurance is any other kind of insurance such as through an employer,
union, retiree plan, etc. that pays second to Medicare. It can and often does
cover things that aren't covered by Medicare, such as prescription drugs, CGMs,
and so forth. It might have been primary before you got Medicare and then
converted to secondary, or you might be able to get it separately later on. In
any case it is different than an Medigap and can act totally differently. Pam

<For the supplementary its unusually an additional coverage you purchase when
you are on Medicare. Secondary insurance in my case was my primary insurance
before I signed up for Original Medicare part A snd B. Usually one gets it
through their employer.
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> On Mar 4, 2015, at 3:59 PM, email @ redacted
> Re coverage for CGM sensors, would you please explain the  difference 
> between secondary and supplemental.>
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