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Re: [IP] Swimming and minimed CGM

 I keep my sensor on when I go to water aerobics on Saturday mornings; the class
lasts about an hour. After I insert a sensor, I use the strips that are on the
backing of the IV 3000 (the curved backing) along the top edge of the
transmitter since I'm enough of a klutz that I will rip the transmitter and
sensor out by accident with that gap. I use my abdomen for sensor sites and I
wear a one piece swimsuit, so there is a layer of "clothing" between the sensor
and the water.

 I tried keeping my pump (in multiple ziploc bags) at the side of the pool so
that my pump and transmitter could communicate regularly, but that didn't work.
So, I lock my pump in the locker (after suspending it and telling the sensor to
silence alerts for the next hour and a half (otherwise, when I come back from
class to get dressed, it will be alarming like crazy)). I reconnect my pump as
soon as I can, take if off suspend, and turn off the sensor alert silence. I
then tell it to find the lost sensor and I check my blood sugar (to see if I'm
ok to drive home). When the pump and transmitter talk, it puts in the last 40
minutes of data, so I only have a gap of 20-30 minutes or so.

 So far this has been working; when I tried covering the transmitter with a
strip of IV 3000, the strip peeled off while I was in the water.

Padma Bending
dx'ed 2/2001, Type 2
530G with Enlite
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