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Re: [IP] Swimming and minimed CGM

The transmitter is virtually waterproof. I soak my transmitter (and
me!) in a hot tub for a half-hour at a time with no problems. I put my
pump where I can hear it, and if it complains about a week signal,
then I get out and hold it close for up to 5 minutes until it receives
the reading. Then I go back in.


 On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 11:53 PM, Stacey Martin <email @ redacted>
>  I've been wanting to start swimming again. When I didn't have CGM, I just
> detached the pump and reattached when done. I've been in the pool and ocean
> since CGM, but for about 20 minutes at a time. Then I'd get out, dry off a
 > little and let the CGM relink to the pump. What if I swim for an hour? The
 > isn't rated for that long. I can keep the pump by the pool and periodically
 > the pump and CGM communicate so I don't lose readings, but will the
 > survive? Taping isn't the issue. I use a Tegaderm hp over it and it will stay
> place. I wear the sensors in my thighs.
> Thanks.
> Stacey M
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