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RE: [IP] Enlite Sensor Calibration

Babs I was on the Medtronic Minimed Paradigm and just got upgrade to the 530G.
With the old pump (which was fairly new technology) had to check four times
with the Contour Next strips. It became a little difficult because my
calibration times didn't always jive with mealtimes, so often I had to check
six or seven times a day, meaning before and after each meal, when waking up,
when going to bed and I almost always got woken up in the middle of the night.
the last few weeks I had my pump, it would sometimes stall out and say 90 for
several hours, meanwhile my sugar was going through the roof. The new sensors
are much more stable

David Jones
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> From: email @ redacted
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Enlite Sensor Calibration
> Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 12:22:05 -0500
> Hi All,
> I've been using the Medtronic CGM and then the Enlite Sensors since they
> first came out.  I was originally taught  to only calibrate one or two times
> a day, never when there were any arrows.  When I was trained on the Enlite,
> I was taught to calibrate two to three times a day and it was ok if there
> was one arrow but, not two.
> So, I had some Sensor issues last night and I called Medtronic.  I had put
> in a new Sensor yesterday.  My 6 hours calibration blood test was 85.  Soon
> after calibrating by pump said 112. 10:30pm BS 164 pump said 129. (late
> supper)  5:30am awakened by alarm pump said 78 BS said115. 8:30am pump said
> 168 BS 105.  This is when I called Medtronic.  Unfortunately, I got a person
> who READ me all the rules about when and how to calibrate. She asked if I
> was laying on the transmitter, were my pants too tight, did I get up and
> move around for 15-30minutes to get the fluid moving.  I had actually
> calibrated at all the times I had listed.  I know they say not to but, how
> will the pump ever know it's wrong if I only calibrate when I am within 20%
> of my real blood sugar?  I know they are assuming that 20 minutes later the
> readings could match but, not in this case. I tried to explain that this was
> an unusual occurance for me.  When I asked her if I should just have decided
> to get up at 5am so as to not interfere with my circulation, she said well
> thats up to you.  As she was reading me more guidelines she said it could be
> possible that you have a faulty sensor on it is in scare tissue or bent.  I
> YELLED BINGO.  She finally offered to send me a new sensor.  I knew what her
> answer would be but, I asked anyway.  What about just restarting this sensor
> and see if it might work?  She said we dont recommend that, it wont
> work.Well, I did it anyway, just to see.  Don't know the results yet.  She
> also told me that I should be calibrating 4 times a day, Breakfast, Lunch,
> Dinner and Bedtime.  Thats what they recommended before I had a CGM and I
> still tested 10x a day.
> So, my questions are: What do you do if your meter and BS are constantly
> off?  Do you calibrate 4 times a day? When you are awakened by an inaccurate
> alarm do calibrate and hope it will work or wait and let it wake you up
> again or just turn it off?
> Sorry, I'm just really frustrated!
> Babs Moffett
> Diabetic 49 years, Pumping 14 years.
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