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[IP] The joys of retirement episode 2.

As of Saturday, the program predicts my A1 C to be 8.5, and I have made
some additional adjustments to my basals. The results of all this on Sunday
is that my blood sugars are running about 125. The program indicates that I
should be able to do better, but I'm not yet brave enough to make the
additional changes in my basals. I'm planning on not doing any major
changes until next week.

At the meeting we were all asked who our endocrinologists were. Turns out 4
of us are going to my new endocrinologist and that he is in the process of
moving to the villages. Apparently he called the person running the
meeting, said that he had looked this person up in the medical literature,
and would like to come to a meeting. That should be interesting!

We were also shown a picture of a person wearing the 1st ever insulin pump.
It was worn on the back, and was the size of very large backpack. This
photo was taken in 1964! We were also told that he was the 1st person to
use the words "Artificial Pancreas" in 2 articles published in 1971.

It will take a week for my new basals to really show up in the results. I'm
hoping that next week I have an A1 C of around about 7.5. Anyhow, I'm still
hopeful! Talk to you next week

George E Eberhardt
(732) 224-8988
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