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[IP] The joys of retirement episode 1 (originator George E Eberhardt)

LOL Valerie - you are VERY fortunate- as I say to some folks - they have a
horse shoe
up their you know what :)  I'm my own CDE with my pump due to my endo not
any flipping idea of how to use a pump or wanting me to go onto one back in
(he thought 7% A1C was good - I wanted better).

I just read up alot while on MDI - pretended I was using a pump - so the
with going onto the real thing (ohhh Coke!!!!) - made it easy for me.  Lots
of good info
out there in book form as well for those of less fortunate to have a
medical team
that can help us.

Still enjoying my break from the pumping - only 4 more I-ports left - so
may have
to go back on pump - sigh.  Come on Medtronic - get your act together so we
that use them can purchase some (we've been told here in Canada - 2-3 month
wait since
Medtronic took over from Patton in Texas for distribution for these
"tubeless" insulin infusion

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Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 10:04:21 -0700
From: Valerie Adams <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] The joys of retirement episode 1.

Time to find a new doc!
My endo works WITH me; she doesn't dictate what I have to do.

On 3/16/14 11:00 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest"
<email @ redacted> wrote:

>I'm jealous, very very jealous.B  I was very active in the pumpers group
>I used to live, have yet to find one on my side of the river here in
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