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RE: [IP] Recommended Disconnecting Pump for takeoff and landing

For 2 1/2 years I commuted on a weekly basis from Dallas to Houston, about
hour long flights.  I never did a thing to my pod and don't recall any
unusual situations after getting off of a flight.  Since then I fly about
4-6 times a year, longer flights, and never do anything to my pod.  I'm
flying from Dallas to Indianapolis in May and will watch especially close on
the readings on my CGM.

The only way to "disconnect" a pod is to remove it and I'm not real keen on
that.    I have scheduled MRI's around the expected expiration date/time to
avoid wasting a pod.

Nora Roales Nevers
Arlington, TX


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I keep waiting for a pod person to comment on this thread. What to omnipod
users do? i am flying for the first time with my pod in May. I never
disconnected my Medtronic pump in the past and I don't recall any issues but
I haven't flown all that often.
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