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[IP] Re:Insulin Questions

I do the same thing. I actually carry a spare, filled, reservoir with me in my
purse in a little Frio rather than carry around an opened bottle of insulin (I
have the reservoir in an old BD strip bottle that's just the right size). That
way whatever time of day it is, when I get the Minimed Low Reservoir alert
with 0 units left, I wait and take my next meal bolus from that same "empty"
reservoir and then I replace it with the new filled one from my purse. I waste
a lot less insulin that way which is important as I have a high copay. Since
I  only change the reservoir when it's empty which is after about five days it
totally does not coincide with when I change my sets, which is every 2-3 days.
I also reuse the same tubing for about 3-4 reservoir changes, so about 2-3
weeks. I've been doing this for about ten years now with no problems. Of
course I live in a fairly mild climate in northern California, so I don't have
issues with the insulin in my pump
 getting really hot. Pam

<When a MiniMed pump says there are 0 units left, there are really
10-15 left. I haven't yet experimented to find the exact amount, but
after 3 days, when it is time to change my set in the morning, and the
pump says "Low Reservoir" with 0 units left, I'll still us it for my
morning bolus of 5 units or so.>
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