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[IP] Re: MM Quick Sets

 Well after ten years of using Sils I tried Quick Sets again. I had previously
used them or the old SofSets for the prior ten years. Recently I was having
absorption problems with my stomach from overuse so I thought that switching
back to 90 degree sets vs Sils might help due to using a different tissue layer.
However, now I remember why I switched to Sils originally.

  I am pretty lean so I've been using the 6mm Quicksets (and one Mio) and out of
14 insertions (13 in my arms and one in my stomach), I had two that were bent so
that I shot up to over 400 and was vomiting. One was on the front of my upper
arm where I'm pretty firm. The cannula was sitting on top of my skin and was
bent in a complete U. The other was last night with a Mio on my stomach. I had
just successfully used the 6 mm metal Sure-t's in two spots on my stomach so I
was hopeful about the 90 degree sets there. However the Sure-T's were in the
fleshiest part of my stomach, whereas the Mio was an inch to the right where
there's not quite as much to pinch. It turns out that the very tip of the
cannula was bent at 90 degrees.

 So, if you're pretty lean even the 6mm Quick-Sets or Mios might be a problem. I
am going to still try Quick Sets on the backs and sides of my arms as they're
the only sets I can detach with one hand and gravity keeps the skin away from
muscle. However I'm returning to the 13mm Sils everywhere else, even though I
don't like the insertion process with them. I sleep on my sides and back, so I
have to use Sils there, and now I'll use them again on my stomach and front of
my arms. Pam

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 > On Mar 19, 2014, at 6:39 AM, email @ redacted
(insulin-pumpers-digest) wrote:
> I've also had problems with the 9 mm quick sets. I discussed this with my
> doctor (also a type 1 on a mm pump) and he told me I was too thin for the 9mm
> that I should try the 6mm. He has also found that over time the quick sets
 > didn't work that well and he now uses sils. I have better luck with the sils
> well.
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