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Re: [IP] insulin questions

It depends on which infusion set.  For example, the MM Silhouette and
the Tandem Comfort would have no problem, because the "fill cannula"
space includes everything up to the disconnect. 90: sets, on the other
hand have an air space between where the insertion needle fills the
cannula and where the disconnect attaches. This space is normally
primed until drops appear, and is not included in the "fill cannula",
which is only the space taken by the needle.

Sets with a length of tubing between the disconnect and the cannula,
such as the Tandem contact detach, the MM Sof-set, or the Fifty50
infusion set, would be more trouble, because of the length of the
tubing that can't be removed without detaching the set. In this case,
if I were going to not change the reservoir, I would connect the set
(before insertion), and do several "fill cannula" operations until I
saw drops, then insert, and do another "fill cannula".

Personally, I order reservoirs at the same time as infusion sets, as
most of us do, so I change them at the some time, as recommended. I
also change my lancet at the same time.


On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 10:25 AM,  <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I think "infusion set right out of the package" refers to the "business end,
> the part wioth the cannula. I would assume that the cannula is filled when
> changing the site. The tubing is still full from before.
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