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Re: [IP] MM quickset cannulas

I used the Quicksets years ago when they first came out, and had bent
cannulas several times, and a few that managed to end up bent 90 degrees
and sitting on top of the skin, delivering no insulin. (The only times I've
experienced DKA from a set issue were with these Quicksets.) Not sure if
the cannula bent upon insertion or if it pulled back out along with the
introducer needle. It was enough to scare me away from the Quicksets,
though, so I can't say if it's a more recent problem.

While I was using non-MM pumps for 8 years, I used Cleo 90 and Inset for my
90-degree sets, then started using the Mio (essentially an Inset with a
paradigm connector) when I came back to the MM 523 a couple years ago. I
use these on the front of my abdomen and Silhouettes on the sides (I'm a
side sleeper and the 90-degree sets poke me when they're on my sides).

Brian, T1 dx 6/1999 (age 30), pumping since 11/2000,
currently with MM 530G

On Mar 18, 2014 6:36 AM, "audrey karperien" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>  I have had this happen with the quickset. It usually happens when I use a
> location with less fat than other locations.I was thinking that lately it
> to be happening a lot more, though. Maybe the plastic in my lot was
> .
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