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[IP] One touch ping and close to empty reservoir issues

I have had Animas pumps since they came out and don't seem to have any
problems using the insulin in the cartridge down to the end.  More than once I
would put a bolus in and get "empty cartridge" partway through the bolus.
Then I just change cartridges and continue with the remaining bolus that
wasn't able to go through in emptry cartridge.  I also don't seem to have any
bubbles either once I have gone at least 12 hours, etc. on a new cartridge.  I
always fill cartridges at least 1/2 day before using them as bubbles will come
as insulin warms up.  Before inserting a new cartridge I ususally "knock" the
cartridge against the cabinet a few times to make sure all bubbles are to the
top - then continue to make sure you hold the cartridge in this same upright
position the whole time you are inserting it, doing the "load cartridge" and
"prime".  It you would tip the cartridge upside down during this time - any
empty space that was at the end of the cartridge (from when I knocked it
against the cabinet) would then go down into the other end of the cartridge.
Then I usually check tubing 3 or 4 times during the next 12 to 24 hours.
About half the time I have a bubble in tubing during this time - just prime to
get rid of it.  After that I do not ever have any more bubble in cartridge.

Good luck!  Do remember to make sure you continue to hold the cartridge in the
same upright position the whole time you are putting it in the pump.


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