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Re: [IP] The joys of retirement episode 1.

I'm jealous, very very jealous.B  I was very active in the pumpers group where
I used to live, have yet to find one on my side of the river here in Pportland
OR. I have a new Endo - cuz we moved, and I am not happy. He changed all of my
pump settings (which were working very well thank you) and has my bg "goal" at
130!B  That is not acceptable - to me that is a post prandial level. And, he
messed with my basals, so I am constantly having to correct, and when getting
up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, my readings are in the
200's!B  Again, I never used to have 200+'s (unless I either forgot to bolos -
which can happen, or was totally off on the carb count). In addition, my
insulin sensitivity factor was change as was my I:C ratio. I had to go along,
there was an impression that the power of the Rx was in his hands and I could
lose my pump (I am paying out of pocket for my CGM) I had a great CDE in my
new city, and then the head of the Endo dept wanted to see me. I have one more
apt with him this month then I am gonna try to get back with the CDE. She
figured out that I knew what I was doing, and the if I wanted labs - and bg's
- to be the same as a person without diabetes, and was willing to make the
effort - why not.B  My A1C's have ben 5.2-5.4 for the past ten years, I have
no idea what it will be this time (A1C draw is next week)
So I am jealous, very very jealous

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From: "George Eberhardt" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2014 1:44:05 PM
Subject: [IP] The joys of retirement episode 1.

I recently retired and moved from New Jersey to the Villages in Florida. Of
course that meant finding new doctors, and am still in the process 6 months
later. It took me 5 months to select an endocrinologist, and I appear to
have been very lucky. He was chief of something at John Hopkins, and
appears to know a lot about diabetes. I have seen him once and our initial
meeting was interesting. But time will tell!

About 2 weeks after meeting him, my wife found a pumpers club in the
villages. So of course we went along to see what was about. I was not
expecting much, but found it was being run by an ex-professor who
specialized in diabetes research. At the meeting, he demonstrated a
computer program which is designed to help doctors establish the correct
basal and bolus values for an insulin pumper.

I ended up more than a little skeptical, but decided to give it a try. In
the previous 2 years before I retired, I had 2 different endocrinologists
who improved my pump settings to where I was having major highs and lows on
a fairly regular basis. What did I have to lose? (For years my A1 C had
been below 6, when I finished they had managed to get it up to 7.5)

So I substantially reduced my basals, to reduce my chances of going low,
and recorded the information his program needed on the worksheet. After a
week I was supposed to have this data analyzed, but there was no meeting of
the insulin pumpers that week because some major festival had taken over
our meeting rooms. But I had a copy of his program, and I entered my data,
and made some minor improvements in my basals and boluses. Then proceeded
to collect another weeks data.

At the end of the 2nd week, his program was used to analyze my data, and
predicted an A1 C of 10 so far. As a result, I have made some minor
additional alterations. But I haven't managed to get my hands on his
analysis program yet. But I still have high hopes this is going to work.

He did send a copy of his analysis to my new endocrinologist. Unfortunately
I won't be seeing that Dr. for another 12 weeks. I'm going to try to add a
copy of my results to this email, but I'm not sure if I can do it.

And I'm going to update it in the following weeks. Wish me luck!

(For general background, I have been a diabetic for 42 years, and on
insulin pumps for 20 years.

The Villages is a retirement community in Florida, near Orlando, with
120,000 residents on about 40 mi.2 of land, and over 2000 clubs. If you're
thinking of retiring in Florida, you should look here before you buy. It's
really a good place to live)

George E Eberhardt
(732) 224-8988

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