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Re: [IP] Post re food poisoning

> > When I had food poisoning my blood sugars were in the 20s
> > and 30s because I couldn't keep anything down. I had to have
> > real soda to help. I had medium ketones due to it being starvation
> > ketones. I was sick for a good week and a half with the food
> > poisoning and had Kidney issues.
> I will reiterate, if your basals are set correctly, you should not be
> running low without food. That is the purpose of the basal part of
> pumping and they give of 48 different variables (each half hour). The
> bolus part is to cover the carbs. It will not be perfect, but more
> like the pancreas handles our BGs.

It is not cast in stone that basals set for normal health conditions 
work when you are not well.

When you are sick, your energy requirements are significantly higher 
than when you are not. Your body is fighting the infection and 
requres significant amounts of extra energy to do so.  If you are not 
eating it is very likely that you will go low under these conditions 
with a basal rate set for "healthy" conditions. I know of at least 
one person on the list that has some significant medical problems 
that runs low with NO basal whatsoever and must receive IV carbs to 
keep from crashing when this condition flares up. 

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