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Re: [IP] insulin questions

When I was on the Ping, I changed the cartridge, tubing, and patch on their 
own schedule.  The patch was changed every three days.  the tubing was 
changed when it looked too scarred, usually every three or four patches.  I 
just threw out the new tubing when not needed.  The cartridge was changed 
out when the little blue handle that clipped in the end to turn the 
cartridge into a syringe became so rounded off that it would not pull the 
plunger back.  This was every three months or so - NO Bubbles, ever.

Now I'm on the T:slim with a fancy cartridge that has a pig tail to attach 
the tubing.  You can't see the interior of the cartridge, so I only refill 
it three or four times.  The pig tail is tougher than the regular tubing, so 
my tubing is lasting much longer than with the Ping - at the pump is where 
the most wear occurs. Patches and tubing are the same as with the Ping, but 
since the T:slim fills the tubing so slowly, I pre fill the tubing with the 
300 ml syringe included with the cartridge.

Jeff Gamble
Big Bay Lighthouse B & B
P O Box 3
Big Bay MI 49808
-----Original Message----- 
From: Kerry Thorne
Has anyone taken the
leftover from the last resevour you used and pulled it into the new one so
as not to waste. I did it this morning with no bubbles it was 60 units and
since its so expensive i didnt want to throw it out just because my set was
bad. I use the Medtronic 530g. I also just sent her a email to see if i
need to increase my perscription

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