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Re: [IP] RE: Animas calls about bubbles

Guys, don't forget to snip...people don't want to read the same stuff 
over and over again and, Michael archives these messages for our 
convenience and that takes disk space and money to pay for that!:-)

Re bubbles in the Ping:

I changed from a Cozmo to a Ping in July 2009 and at first, everything 
was copacetic.  But by the end of 2010, my BGs were wandering all over 
the place.  No more 1.5 units for a sugar free latte - it just wouldn't 
work consistently. On a day in February 2011, I ate a small piece of 
carrot cake with most of the frosting scraped off (Why tempt fate?) and 
bolused a huge dose.  My BG went higher.  Got home and there was the 
recall notice for leaky Ping cartridges.  Bingo!  Animas and I traded 
cartridges and a couple of months later, the same wandering BGs started 
again.  Animas kept blaming my problems on "scar tissue."  I got tired 
of this.  My Dexcom graphs showed higher glucoses by cartridge change.  
With a 200 ml cartridge, I was changing out twice a week so the 
difference between cartridges plainly showed.

My doc agreed to let me try MDI in July 2011 and that made my next A1C 
in November a fantastic 6.6 or 6.5, but of course, that was a lot of 
work because Lantus only allows one basal rate, so I was carrying sugar 
and Humalog everywhere.  Animas did try to help out and replaced the 
pump in October 2011. After 10 days, I could smell insulin in the 
cartridge well, and my BGs were, once more, bounding all over the 
place.  I should state that I get really aggressive after a couple of 
boluses don't work and either stack another, larger bolus on top of 
that, or else resort to an injection. Back to MDI.

The first day that Tandem accepted applications to get a t-slim, I faxed 
mine in.  I've been on a t-slim since October 2012, with a brief 
vacation for suspected bad Humalog and suspected bad t-slim cartridges.  
Now I'm back on My T and satisfied.

Big clues that your Ping cartridges are leaking:
     BGs that wander all over the graph
     Dexcom graphs that show higher BGs when 'bad' cartridges are in the 
     Insulin smell in cartridge well
     Excessive amount of air in cartridge after change out (some is 
normal as champagne bubble coalesce, but 15-20 units of air? Ridiculous!
     Having to reset the date and time when changing the battery - even 
when putting a new one in immediately!

Not to say that Tandem is innocent of shipping out leaky cartridges, but 
I can tell right off the bat if a cartridge has leaked and there's an 
alternate way of filling a cartridge that actually involves manually 
removing air.  So I have a comfort zone with my t-slim.

Denise Br.
t-slim since 10/2012
Dexcom G4 since 12/2012

On 3/9/2014 11:24 AM, rbubar wrote:
> Thank you, Morgan.  Just some quick comments
 > I changed the cartridge yesterday afternoon and had my husband take a look at
 > what was still in the cartridge and I also had him check the connection from
> cartridge to the tubing. To my total surprise, he showed me as he did it and
> saidits just not TIGHT!!!! Of course there is no way to check once the
 > cartridge is IN the pump unless you want to do the whole rewind, etc.
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