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Re: [IP] RE: Animas calls about bubbles

 What temperature is the insulin you are loading into the reservoir? Cold
liquids can dissolve more gasses then warm, and then when they warm up the
gasses come out of solution and form bubbles, like soda pop.
On Mar 9, 2014, at 8:24 AM, rbubar wrote:

> Thank you, Morgan.  Just some quick comments
> I changed the cartridge yesterday afternoon and had my husband take a look at
 > what was still in the cartridge and I also had him check the connection from
> cartridge to the tubing. To my total surprise, he showed me as he did it and
> saidits just not TIGHT!!!! Of course there is no way to check once the
 > cartridge is IN the pump unless you want to do the whole rewind, etc.
 > and I just did not even consider that that might be a good part of the
 > this time. I do use my fingers to tighten the cartridge-tubing connection but
> just dont have a great tightening ability so I have, for YEARS, then used
 > needle-nose pliers to further tighten that connection. If anything, I have
> afraid of cracking something from over tightening.
 > However.I have had relatively significant bubbles in the tubing for
 > I really am talking about spaces that move in the tubing (ie., NOT just a
> change but an actual bubble that I then prime to remove). I thought, maybe my
> NEW cartridge, yesterday, would be miraculous and have NO bubblesmy husband
 > checked yesterday and said Its TIGHT this time".. I still think that it
 > be possible that more people are experiencing bubbles than they are aware
 > Im also guessing that most people simply would not need to worry about a
> insulin missing one way or the other and probably NEVER check the tubing. My
 > tiny amounts of insulin that I need at different times of the day mean that
 > a one-quarter inch bubble is a problem. (Another noteI am better at filling
 > cartridge, thank you, than anything I have read or seen in a video on the web
 > bubbles IN the cartridge upon filling it with insulin in the beginning are
 > the problem.) I wear the pump hooked onto my slacks and my sites have been in
> thighs for the past several months.
> SOthis morning, before my breakfast bolus, I disconnected and checked the
> tubing, fingers crossedbut right therein the middle of the tubing was a
> bubble, a little more than an inch longI showed my husband and he shook his
> head and agreed. There were NO bubbles in the cartridge when we started
> yesterdayand that is why I feel compelled to check.often.
> As for when I called Animasit was about 4:30 p.m., EST, for the first
> calland I waited twice, through the next hour, for both unsuccessful calls.
> I may be just a YMMV person with this problem due to my own special
> circumstances - so continuing to just DEAL with it! may be the only answer.
> Barbara
>> Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2014 11:28:56 -0600
>> From: TeamTJ <email @ redacted>
>> Subject: Re: [IP] RE: Animas calls about bubbles
>> Barbara,
>> My daughter has used an Animas pump for the last 11 years along with
>> various infusion sets including QuickSets and Insets.  She has never
>> experienced bubbles in the tubing that were not the result of air in the
>> cartridge from filling it.
>> She has, however, had what LOOKED like bubbles in her tubing...I presume it
>> is slight cracking/separation of the outer/inner tubing that causes the
>> discoloration that looks like air.
>> Have you tried priming those "bubbles" out to make sure they really are
>> bubbles? If they don't actually move, they aren't bubbles.  If they do
>> move, then there is a real issue.
>> Is there insulin leaking somewhere? Air in means insulin out...
>> And I've never waited 40 minutes on hold, either....when are you calling>
>> Morgan
>> Father to Allie, 13...diagnosed at 2, pumping Animas the entire time...
>>>> From: rbubar <email @ redacted>
>>>> Subject: Re: Animas calls about bubbles
>>>> Date: March 5, 2014 at 5:51:23 PM EST
>>>> -------
>>> I am so frustrated!!!  I have mentioned this before, here, but I have
>>> enormous
>>> problems with bubbles in the tubing and I have tried EVERYthing.  I am now
>>> disconnecting and checking the tubing before every mealtime bolus, just in
>>> case.  Every time I shower and before going to bed, I check the tubing
>>> before
>>> reconnecting and there is ALWAYS a 1/2 inch to 1inch, or MORE, space there.
>>> And actual bubbles in the tubing range from 2 inch to 4 inch, etc., and
>>> appear
>>> all too frequently NO JOKE!!!  I happen to take VERY little insulin so it
>>> is
>>> making me a little crazy when I find a higher than normal blood sugar, out
>>> of
>>> the blue, disconnect and discover a good sized space at the end of the
>>> tubing.
>>> This is becoming more than the already full-time job it normally is.  As I
>>> sat, waiting, I saw in the book for the Ping, on p. 34, that  the lowest
>>> basal
>>> delivery amount possible is 0.025.   That s one reason I USE the Animas
>>> pump
>>> except for the additional little detail that my basal is actually set at
>>> 00.00
>>> from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.  could that possibly be making the pump tubing get
>>> bubbles???  I had planned to ask about that, assuming I could ever actually
>>> talk with a rep.  I m just wondering if maybe Animas has more of a bubble
>>> problem than they want to admit.
>>>> Where do I go from here?  Do I contact the FDA?
>>>> Barbara   Type I
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