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[IP] Re: Run don't walk way from Animas pumps

 When Medtronic released the first Paradigm 511 about ten years ago they had it
rated as waterproof too. After people had problems after wearing it in the
water, including me, they rescinded the waterproof designation. They said that
although it still technically passed the waterproof test, the problem was that
if people dropped it or banged it around, microscopic cracks could develop which
could cause leaks. I don't see why this would be any different for the other
brands and at least Medtronic owned up to it and didn't try to claim otherwise.

> Yes, the Animas is waterproof - I am a sailor - but frankly after talking
> to a Roche rep - that has same symbol on their pumps for "water proof" - he
> advised me - that even with this symbol - they do not say you should wear
> their pumps in water like Animas does.  Small fractures can still cause
> leaks.  After finding that out - after my 3rd replacement of my 2020 (one
> month before warranty ended - and when the end date glitch was discovered
> as well - I rec'd another 2020 - and it's not been water blessed since).
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