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[IP] How to Desl with a Pump with No Remote

 I have been using an Animas Ping for the last 4 years, and I was hoping to get
a Vibe next - until I found out that it doesn't have a remote, nor does the
t:slim, which is otherwise of interest to me.

 Since I am a woman, I generally don't keep my pump in my pocket. (Who needs the
extra hip bulge?) Instead I keep it in my bra, making it tough to pull out and
bolus with, or (if I am wearing a skirt or dress) in the thigh area of
pantyhose, making it impossible to bolus with in public. That's why the remote
is so important to me.

 How do other women cope with not having a remote, especially when switching
froma pump that had one? I don't know how I ever coped without it, and it's, by
far, my favorite Ping feature?

dx 1988, Pumping 2000
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