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RE: [IP] Edgepark vs Diabetes Specialty Center?

The only reason I still use edgepark is that I can check stuff on the
IF DSC had a decent website for ordering and order status I would drop
edgepark like a rock 

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I ordered my first Dexcom in July 2010 and had to go through Edgepark  I had
to pay for the started kit out of my own pocket, as my insurance had just
changed in June of that year. A month later, I ordered 3 boxes of sensors.
Insurance dropped part of the claim from their system, so when Edgepark did
not get paid, they started billing me.  I was very put out at both Edgepark
and Medica!  Edgepark promised to fix the billing, and then the next month,
the same bill would appear.  I got tired of it and contacted the Better
Business Bureau.  It did get straightened out, but it took awhile.

In 2011, they tried to collect an upfront payment for my first order of
sensors, saying that I had paid nothing toward my deductible at that point.
I knew that I had, so called Medica and that C/S person called Edgepark and
forced them to reduce my upfront payment.  But...a claim from my endo got to
Medica and got processed before the Edgepark sensor one, so the upfront
payment was still wrong.  They refunded it to me in August 2012.

I'm sure that Diabetes Specialty Center can do a much better job!

Denise Br.

On 3/26/2013 9:25 AM, george lovelace wrote:
> I haven't done business with Diabetes Specialty Center but I hope that 
> I NEVER have to do business with Edgepark. I found their billing to be 
> totally disreputable.  They were assigned as my supplier for my Dex in 
> 2009 and of course they weren't able to get anything from insurance to 
> pay for it, I was over the limit for DME.  But they sent me a bill 3 
> months later that was about $300 more than what it would have cost to 
> buy it direct from Dex which is understandable but months later sent a 
> 'corrected' bill that was $600 higher than the first. I will never do
business with them.
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