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Re: [IP] Re: Dukan Diet and Low Carb

I hate that a diabetic nutritionist or CDE didn't explain the pump better
to you when you got it! That is messed up on their part. The pump is just a
superior insulin delivery device. Eons better than syringes, but not "
freedom to eat".

Find a new diabetes care team! We have eating habits, we can't really do
"diets" unless its a holistic lifestyle change, and not a weight loss fix.
Sigh. I recently gained weight due to a new medication. I'm going to walk
it off, decrease fats, increase green leafies even more than now.

I would rather have a pan of homemade Mac and cheese, but I will just
ignore it...

On Monday, March 25, 2013, Alice Mosley wrote:

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> Dear Janet,
> It is similar to other Low Carb diets, including Atkins, and has become
> quite
> popular with non-diabetics, known as the Paleo Diet. Others are returning
> to a
> more traditional diet based largely on protein and foods from scratch, and
> largely eliminating grains - yes, difficult to do where most food is
> produced
> for speed and cheapness, and it's what we easily get hooked on.
> I try to adhere to the low carb (not no carb) guidelines as much as
> possible,
> and have found Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's, The Diabetes Solution, very
> helpful. I do not limit myself to the quantities he recommends, but eat
> mainly
> protein foods and veggies: meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and almost all of the
> greens, and some other low carb vegetables and fruit such as cauliflower,
> avocado, mushrooms. I also have fruit when my blood sugar runs low. There
> is a
> big difference with Dukan, though, in that fat intake is unrestricted. I
> have
> as much butter and good fats as I like, and my triglycerides are very low,
> and
> all lipids in good shape.
> Don't listen to the folks that say, with insulin available, you can eat
> whatever you like. The insulin will always be chasing your blood sugars,
> and
> sometimes pass each other on the way, with bad effect on blood sugar, and
> will
> also lead to weight gain. Greens and proteins are slow acting, and so
> easier
> to keep track of how your blood sugar's going, and also requiring a lot
> less
> insulin.
> I find I also have more energy this way, though it does take more time
> preparing food!
> Good luck!
> Alice
> > Good morning,
> I was wondering if anyone had tried this diet and had success with it. My
> doctor said that it would be good for me and I wondered if anyone had any
> issues with it ?
> When I was first diagnosed at 15 this was the way I was told to eat, no
> sugar
> lean proteins, little to no carbs.
> >
> Then the pump....and freedom to eat! Chocolate and crap! Lol that and some
> 50
> pounds later I need to go back to basics.
> Any thoughts???
> >
> > Thanks
> > Janet
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