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[IP] Re: Dukan Diet and Low Carb

Dear Janet,
It is similar to other Low Carb diets, including Atkins, and has become quite
popular with non-diabetics, known as the Paleo Diet. Others are returning to a
more traditional diet based largely on protein and foods from scratch, and
largely eliminating grains - yes, difficult to do where most food is produced
for speed and cheapness, and it's what we easily get hooked on.
I try to adhere to the low carb (not no carb) guidelines as much as possible,
and have found Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's, The Diabetes Solution, very
helpful. I do not limit myself to the quantities he recommends, but eat mainly
protein foods and veggies: meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and almost all of the
greens, and some other low carb vegetables and fruit such as cauliflower,
avocado, mushrooms. I also have fruit when my blood sugar runs low. There is a
big difference with Dukan, though, in that fat intake is unrestricted. I have
as much butter and good fats as I like, and my triglycerides are very low, and
all lipids in good shape.
Don't listen to the folks that say, with insulin available, you can eat
whatever you like. The insulin will always be chasing your blood sugars, and
sometimes pass each other on the way, with bad effect on blood sugar, and will
also lead to weight gain. Greens and proteins are slow acting, and so easier
to keep track of how your blood sugar's going, and also requiring a lot less
I find I also have more energy this way, though it does take more time
preparing food!
Good luck!
> Good morning,
I was wondering if anyone had tried this diet and had success with it. My
doctor said that it would be good for me and I wondered if anyone had any
issues with it ?
When I was first diagnosed at 15 this was the way I was told to eat, no sugar
lean proteins, little to no carbs.
Then the pump....and freedom to eat! Chocolate and crap! Lol that and some 50
pounds later I need to go back to basics.

Any thoughts???
> Thanks
> Janet
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