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So... in 2014, the new health care law "will bring the practice of denying
coverage to women like you for ""pre-existing conditions"" to an end (by
health insurance companies), "This includes high blood pressure, (which is
with men as well as women) which cannot be used to deny coverage and will
become illlegal (paraphrased).  What I have to say has nothing to do with
whether I paraphrased anything right or not above,  but to the fact that...."
WHO CARES?"  The reason for saying is..."Who in the heck can afford insurance
anyway? and are they gonna come down on their rates? NO..., and half of the
time what you think is insurance is not even considered insurance and it costs
an arm and a leg!  I could go on to and name some more wonderful practices
that "insurance companies" have been getting away with. Had to stir the pot
with a "Rant and/or Rave" after receiving a big "AMERICAN HEALTH CARE REPORT"
in the snail mail recently.  I guess it is at least a start...Hmmm...election
time???  Phooee!!!The "Diabetic named Candy"
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