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Re: [IP] meter choices

I had the Minimed 722 and didn't have any problems necessarily but was tired
of the tubing.  I switched less than 2 months ago to Omnipod.  No tubing is
nice.  Pods are waterproof for a certain distance up to a certain time so no
disconnects for showers.  The remote is also your Blood Sugar Monitor
(FreeStyle).  The pods do only hold 200 units which is a downfall.  Don't
know yet, but they say they are cheaper than a normal pump in the long run.
Plus, they are introducing smaller pods later this year.  I'm also getting a
Dexcom 7 CGMS and I heard Omnipod is joining with them to include a
remote/CGMS reader.  The pods stick well, at least in my case.  (Still have
my MM 722 for backup.)

Checkout tudiabetes.org.  It's like a Myspace or Facebook for diabetics.
There's several forums, groups to join with discussions, and people to
meet.  Hope this helps.

         Your Brother in Christ

Andy Rhodes

Type 2 Diabetic
Minimed 722 Pump - Humalog
Guardian CGMS
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