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[IPn] List Information

The new CGM list has brought a lot of new people into the IP
Listserver.  If you are a familiar with the way our lists work, you
can skip this message, but to clarify the way our Listserver operates
for some of our new members, I would like to go over a few points.

1)	First each list (i.e. ip-cgm or IP) has three versions.  They all
contain the same information, but have different presentations.  So
there is only one new list with three different presentations, not
three new lists. Some people are asking to join all three lists, in
this case the admins will sign you up for the full (you get every
e-mail) list.  Here is a brief explanation of the three versions.

 a)	The main version (i.e. ip-cgm, IP) each email is sent
straight to you and mixes with all of your regular email.  You can do
what I do and setup a filter to catch all of it and route it to a
folder so that it doesn't mix and keeps things separate.

 b)	The Digest version (i.e. ip-cgm-digest) the system can send you a 
digest version.  This consolidates several emails into one email that 
is sent to you only a few times per day. The lists individual e-mails 
are combined into one big e-mail.  

 c)	The Browser version (i.e. ip-cgm-browser) this version
allows you to post to the list, but to read mail, you must log into
the member only area of the web site and read mail via your browser.

2)	Digests.  The Digests on the IP listserver are simply bundled 
groups of postings.  This cuts down on the number of e-mails you 
receive every day, but you must do a little more work when you 
respond to one of the posting. You respond to the same address, but 
you must change the subject (edit) to reflect the individual e-mail 
you are responding to, and you must cut out all of the non relevant 
parts of the digest.  

3)	Help.  If you need help with the list (i.e. changing list 
versions, subscribing and unsubscribing, etc.)  Please write the IP 
Help desk, the address, HELP@insulin-pumpers.org, is at the bottom of 
every posting.  When you write to other addresses, list-owner, editor 
etc. Your request may be delayed.  

Mike Shamel
Volunteer Administrator
Insulin Pumpers

For mail list removal write
website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org