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Subject: Re: [IP] humalog vs novolog
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 12:40:02 -0700
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Sharon, I wish there were such health committees for the public 
sector. I have multiple health problems and am on, as I like to say, 
a veritable cornucopia of medications. Some indeed have required, and 
received, physician over-rides to insurance mandates. But my endo 
feels that while I've had good success with Humalog, she doesn't see 
a medical reason why I can't try Novolog. She expects my A1C's to 
remain excellent and my control tight. So there you have it...a 
backdoor decision by insurance. Is my doc being lazy in this case? I 
don't know...maybe a little. Maybe if I pushed she would engage with 
the insurance folks and say I had a medical need for Humalog. I've 
not pushed and she didn't offer. And after all I've heard from people 
here I'm willing to give Novolog a try. I hope to have the success 
many of you have had with it.  

Thanks for your note.

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Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2009 12:28 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] humalog vs novolog
> I belong to a health committe at work, I work for a public agency that 
> employs 500 plus people. Anyway the committe is designed to advocate for 
> employees who are having difficulties such as yours. It has been the 
> consensus that if the doctor prescribes a certain drug, that is not 
> covered by insurance, the doc goes through a pre-approval process to get 
> that medication covered for you. I think it is rude for insurance 
> companies to take something away from you if it is working.
> I was once on Humalog then became allergic to it, or it's preservatives 
> and broke out in hives. I switched to Novalog as an experiment and the 
> hives went away. I had no problems with the switch as they seemed to work 
> close to the same. Sharon B
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