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Re: [IP] Bolusing for alcohol?

I ended up drinking three of the Mike's over something like a two-three hour
period and tested hourly.  Before the first drink I tested and did a
correction bolus for the 200 BG (I'm running high...bladder infection and
expecting my period soon) but didn't bolus anything more for the first drink. 
I did bolus 1 unit (a little under half of what my i:c called for) each for
bottles two and three.

All my reading were in the 180s except one in the 190s.  I figured given that
I was running higher in the first place that might have been a good way to
keep good numbers under normal circumstances.  And of course I'd rather run
high than drop too low.  I still was only at 70 before breakfast this morning,

So I definitely did better than with the pizza.  As always it'll take more
experimenting but I think I can figure it out...and with as much as I drink,
even if it sends me kind of high it won't be a big deal with my overall

Thanks all!
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