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[IP] Animas billing

I wanted to share an experience with anyone who might pay their Animas bill
for pump supplies using their bank's online bill pay service.  I had 3 bills
during 2008 from Animas that I paid through my bank's online service.  I paid
all 3 bills at different times, but continued to receive past-due bills for
the second two bills even though I had paid them.  I made several calls to
Animas who promised to look into it.  I even printed proof from the bank
showing what date they were cashed by Animas and wrote them a long letter
about it... and received absolutely no response from them.  Finally, I had to
get my bank involved and they called Animas directly.  I was promised that it
was straightened out, but the next month I received 2 more bills.  After yet
another phone call (and hearing that the gentleman I had always talked to in
the past was no longer there - I wonder why), this is what they determined
happened.  It seems that each bill has an invoice number on it, NOT an account
number.  My bill pay was set up with the invoice number from the first
invoice, which I erroneously thought was an account number, so the next two
times I paid a bill it was credited to my first invoice resulting in a credit
balance, but it is not their policy to send out statements if there is a
credit balance, so I had no way of knowing there was a credit there.  That is
utterly ridiculous to me to not notify a patient if there is a credit balance.
They were more than happy to send me bills month after month for the other 2
invoices that they said had a balance due, however.  I don't know why it took
so many people to figure this out.  Luckily I finally talked to someone who
knew what she was talking about and she just transferred the credit balance
from the first invoice to the balance due on the other two invoices and marked
everything paid.  So if you are having any questions about paid invoices that
have a balance due, this may be the problem.

I only purchase infusion sets through Animas, but now that the Cozmos is being
discontinued I'll have to decide on a new pump company when the warranty runs
out.  My billing experience has certainly tainted my mind negatively to
consider Animas for the new pump.


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