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Re: [IP] Grizzly Bears and Insulin . . .

A friend whose husband works for the National Park Service (not stationed at 
Yellowstone) responded to my query on this issue with a few suggestions. 
They include:

1) If had to guess, I think any odor could attract attention, but not 
necessarily an attack.  Quick search found this: 
http://www.yellowstone-bearman.com/menstruation_data.html.  Seems extremely 
unlikely, but I understand wanting to take precautions!

2) Another thought:  I am thinking of backcountry backpacking... a group 
camp might be safer since bears are discouraged or removed if they get 
"humanized".   (check reports of bear activity, Ranger in-service on 
surviving a bear attack, check trail logs, noisemaker, bear proof food, etc)

3) We follow the rules to the letter, including having a cooking area 
separate from camp, using bear poles( they are provided in the backcountry), 
changing clothes you cook in, putting all clothes/food/personal effects in 
our backpacks, which we hoist up the bear pole every evening.

I have also put this question to a few other friends who are knowledgeable 
about back country camping so if I hear anything else I will forward it on. 
Also, the following looks like a useful site for Yellowstone and bears.


Bottom line, I don't have a definitive answer and I'm thinking one isn't 
likely to be found. Care, common sense, and respect for your surroundings 
sound like the best advice. This has been a very interesting thread.


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From: "Bob" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 1:16 PM
Subject: [IP] Grizzly Bears and Insulin . . .

> I run a pump group in California and I got a question from one of our 
> members
> that was pretty interesting. Thought I would send it out and see if anyone 
> has
> knowledge about or experience with this.
> This individual is going hiking and camping in Yellowstone National Park. 
> Her
> question is, does she need to be concerned about bears smelling insulin 
> inside
> her pump (she uses a MiniMed 722) and potentially attacking her inside a 
> tent.
> With the Paradigm pumps there is a slight smell of insulin but is this 
> something
> that would attract a bear? Any thoughts on this?
> Thanks,
> Bob
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