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[IP] People considering starting the pump - from a new pumper

 I recently started on a Medtronic 522 and have found it incredibly helpful.
Despite the fact I am a "brittle" diabetic, I have already lowered my average BG
from 150 to 120 and find the additional precision of it immensely valuable. Over
60% of my readings are now in the normal range - which hasn't happened for
  This is partially due to my sensitivity to insulin - I take a total of 15 to
20 units of Humalog a day (basal rates of .25 and .3 per hour), with carb ratios
of 1:12 and 1:14. The ability to take .3 or .5 units at a time means that many
hypoglycemic episodes are avoided and high episodes can sometimes be
anticipated. To be fair, we measure almost everything I eat, which helps.
  If you have specific questions about starting on a pump or trying to figure
out whether you want to, I'll be glad to help if I can. However, there are many
other people here with much more experience and wisdom who are extremely
  Sarah Smith
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