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[IP] minimed

Ok, this is really ridiculous.  

 IV preps are not considered part of an insurance contract, so they can not bill
my insurance for them. So I have to pay $12 for a box of 50 when a box of
alcohol is 100 for less then $3.

 When I got my sensor, it came with iv 3000 tapes to cover the sensors. Tapes
come with the soft set infusion sets but they do not come with sensors.

 Alright, to buy the tape its $62.95 for a box of 100. Insurance says that if
its considered medically necessary and i have a doctors prescription it is an
item that is covered. Minimed said, well we can not bill the insurance for it
because it isn't a part of the contract they have with united healthcare. So
what am I suppose to do to hold my transmitter on with? I have a few tapes left,
but I'll be darned if I am going to be expected to pay that much for iv 3000
tapes. They used to be cvoered. What if you have site issues and you have to
sandwhich your site, well then that just hikes the level of care all that much

 Animas Corp website said right there on their online store that the price
listed does not reflect insurance discounted rates. Guess I should see if my
insurance company contracts with them so I can get. the fifty50.com has them
priced at $57.60

 I'm just really annoyed with minimed - and all their changes. I do like their
product, it has always worked so well for me. But not being able to get the
simpliest things that we need and once were covered by insurance, is just poor
customer service. really don't want to bad mouth them, but I'm just not a happy
camper right now. Can't do anything about it, I'm stuck with their product for
another 4 years.


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