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Re: [IP] 45 Day eval of OmniPod

I must be in the dark on this one...  I've heard of an OCCLUSION alarm (the
one that is supposed to go off if insulin flow is blocked and prevented from
being delivered...

WHAT is an INCLUSION alarm???  Only explanation I can think of would be some
sort of photocell to detect an abnormal (red/blood) color backing up into
the canula.  I know of NO pump that has such system.

But in some cases, an INCLUSION alarm could prove to be a useful feature...

Last week, while trying the Inset 30, I had ONE set that was effective
enough that for that set ONLY, I had to reduce my Basal rates by 90% for the
entire time that site was in use, and Boluses acted on my BG within 10 - 15
minutes, and resulted in my going hypo if I took any more than 1/2 the pump
calculated Bolus.

Day before site change, I noticed that BLOOD had backed-up into the canula
and tubing nearly 1/2 way to the pump (with a 23" tubing, meaning the blood
was causing a light red color to the Insulin in over 12" of the TUBING.)
But my BG was still EXCELLENT, so I left it until next day when pump would
run out of Insulin, and it was time to change sites anyway.

When I refilled the pump and changed sites, I had to put my Basal rates back
to the usual settings, and once again take 100% of the pump's calculated
Bolus doses to keep the BG near normal.

The following week, I had a check-up with my doctor, asked him for clues on
why the ONE site seemed so much more effective than any other set/site prior
or since.

When I told him how far into the tubing the blood had started to travel, and
how upon set removal, the blood SPURTED out of the site with every beat of
my heart for nearly 5 minutes, he told me that the ONLY thing he could think
of that could cause such a drastic change in action was that he thought
MAYBE that Inset 30 had ended up getting into a blood vein, so during use of
that site, instead of injecting the Basal & Bolus doses into the Sub-Q fat
layer as usual, during use of that one site, he said I was most likely
having the pump feed nearly 100% of the insulin DIRECTLY INTO the blood
stream, which he said would account for the sudden need to reduce the Basal
rate by as much as I had to, along with need to drastically modify the Bolus
dose sizes, as I also had to do.

With the Omni-Pod, an INCLUSION alarm that could detect blood backing up
into the canula seems like it WOULD be a possible feature add-on.

For any pump using standard infusion sets, that type of sensor would be a
nearly IMPOSSIBLE event for the pump to be able to detect.


-----Original Message-----
As for why it didn't work in my arm and give off an inclusion alarm.. no
clue, all I know is when I removed the POD the canula was filled with blood
. While I am on that, Have you been successful with extracting the insulin
out of the POD if it fails ?. I had to throw it away and knowing I just
tossed 200 units bothered me.

Podding continues :)

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