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[IP] Adept focus group

I am sure we have all received this email from Michael, and I Have called  
and left a message on Sunday, which obviously they were closed. Well, I Just  
called again and was told Karen is out for the day, ugh! ANyway I was told I  
 could go fill out the online registration, so I dont know if that will help the
matter since it didn't ask any diabetic questions, but maybe just to be in 
their  data base! here is the web site:
_www.giveusyouropinions.com_ (http://www.giveusyouropinions.com) 
I've been contacted by Adept Consumer Testing, a national medical  
market research firm, to help find a few of you willing to 
participate  in an online focus group research study concerning 
consumers who have  diabetes to better understand your perceptions of 
certain products. Adept is  looking for members of the diabetes 
community that are using insulin  (pumpers preferred) to participate 
in a PAID online focus group.   

The online focus group will include others in the
diabetes community  and will last four days. You would be expected to
participate for 20 to 30  minutes per day for each of the four days
by logging onto the bulletin board  from your personal computer and
responding to questions and comments you  read. 

This study will take place Monday, March 31st 2008-April 5th,  2008, 
online. It is an online focus group over 4 days. A generous  
honorarium will be provided to all those that qualify and 
participate.  If you or someone you know would like to participate 
please contact us at  the following number so we can determine if you 
qualify for this particular  project. 

If you would like to participate, call KAREN at: 

1-800-233-7895 ext.  472 

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