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[IP] Re: Self Help??

When I developed diabetis in Oct. 1953 I had an Aunt that was of the 
Chriscian Science Faith. She really believed in it.
She gace me $5.00 and told me to go to a Faith Healer and the would cure my 
I kept the $5 but often I think maybe if they could have I sure would saved 
my self a lot of shots.

In 1953 I was put on NPH and so far have made it with the help of large 
number of MD's and educaters.  With many many change in insulins have done 
well but I still take 5 shots of insulin each day.  No pump for me I am too 
cheep for that.  A1C's in the 7range for years.
Charles Soderstrom DDS 
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