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Re: [IP] 45 Day eval of OmniPod

 John, I think that if your not happy with the OmniPod you should not use it.
Each one of us has different things that are important to us and it sounds like
you would rather be with Animus. If so then that is the right thing for you. I
myself would never be without my pod. Incidentally in order for you to modify a
basil rate you have to suspend the basil rate that you want to change. Once you
have changed it you can then ask the PDM to enable the correct basil rate. What
ever you decide you need to be happy with it. Your statement just sounded like
"my Buick is shinier than your Buick".

 John Connors <email @ redacted> wrote: So my pump expires on April 17th of
this year and I have been going back and
forth with regards to Animas and Omnipod. I have had an Animas 1250 for the 
past 4 years and have no complaints with it. I was emotionally attached to 
this pump which makes my decision even harder. I decided since Insulet 
offers a 45 day trial, I would give it a shot and try it out.

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