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Re: [IP] 45 Day eval of OmniPod

 I have only had one instance to extract the insulin from the pod. The pod
itself had malfunctioned prior to putting it on (during the priming stage). I
used the syringe with the pod to try and take the insulin out. I was partially
successful, but lost some of it. It was also a slow process because of the
pressure in the pod, I'm guessing. In the insulin bottle, when I put 200 units
of air in, the pressure forces insulin into the syringe immediately. It wouldn't
allow me to put 200 units of air into the bad pod. So I'm guessing that is why I
was unable to get more out. Just as a side note, if you put 200 units in and
don't use that in 3 days, it's harder to get insulin out of the pod, at least
for me, when it's lower. Initially, I wasn't using the full 200...but I'm moving
closer toward it now and normally don't have more than 15-17 units left when
it's time to change (oh, to be insulin sensitive as I once was). Also, in case
you don't know...when the pod expires,
  you actually have approximately another 8 hours that you can wear it, provided
there is insulin still in it.


I'm glad you are happy, lots of folks are. Not ditching the Omnipod or 
giving up on it, all I'm saying is being on the Animas for as long as I 
was, I was thinking and hoping that the features I had with the Animas were 
also on the Omnipod. I haven't thrown in the towel yet and plan not to 
before I give it time, all I was stating was I would have thought I could 
take my Basal settings from the Animas and put them on the Omnipod, that is 
not possible due to the Omni only allowing for 0.050 U/hr versus the Animas 
at 0.025 U/hr. This may not be important to many but if you are insulin 
sensitive it is a nice feature.

As for why it didn't work in my arm and give off an inclusion alarm.. no 
clue, all I know is when I removed the POD the cannula was filled with blood 
. While I am on that, Have you been successful with extracting the insulin 
out of the POD if it fails ?. I had to throw it away and knowing I just 
tossed 200 units bothered me.

Podding continues :)

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Karin Bowman" 
Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 4:22 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] 45 Day eval of OmniPod
> I've been on the OmniPod for almost 3 months and I couldn't be happier. I
> haven't had any issues with occlusions. It's been very user friendly to me 
> and I
> would be happy to talk more about it with anyone. I haven't used another 
> pump
> prior to this, so I can't compare speeds and efficiencies...all I know is 
> that I
> haven't felt better in years!
> John
> THANK YOU for your break down of your first 24 hours on the Pod. My son 
> Joshua,
> age 16+ is thinking of going from the Deltec to the Pod. The last thing 
> you
> said
> was that you can only download 4 days worth of info from the PDM. Are you 
> sure
> about this statement. Our rep said that who weeks worth of info can be
> downloaded. I am also a bit concerned about the incident with the bloody 
> canula
> and you not getting a warning. Makes me wonder if this system even has an
> occlusion alarm capability in it. Maybe we need to wait until this system 
> has
> been on the market for awhile and Insulet can get all the kinks out. 
> Josh's
> pump
> warranty expired almost a year ago.
> Oh our rep never said anything about a 45 day trial. I guess I need to 
> contact
> her again. Josh is adamant he wants to try it before we put out any $$ on 
> the
> new system. This was good to know.
> Thanks again John.
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
> .
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