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[IP] 45 Day eval of OmniPod

So my pump expires on April 17th of this year and I have been going back and 
forth with regards to Animas and Omnipod.  I have had an Animas 1250 for the 
past 4 years and have no complaints with it. I was emotionally attached to 
this pump which makes my decision even harder.  I decided since Insulet 
offers a 45 day trial, I would give it a shot and try it out.

I received the Omnipod on Friday and got right to work transferring all my 
settings from the Animas to the Omnipod.  First thing I noticed was that the 
Basal rates can only be entered into 0.50 increments.  Not a good thing for 
me as I am very sensitive to basal delivery and most of my basal settings 
are in the .025 settings. The second thing is upon setting up my first Pod 
and placing it on my Arm and hitting go, I figure Okay no errors on the PDM 
so all is good right? Checked my BG 2 hrs later and it was over 300... 
Couldn't find any problems with errors and the PDM told me everything was 

Removed the POD and noticed the Cannula was full of blood, one would think 
this would cause an inclusion alarm... Tossed the Pod in the trash $26.00 
along with 200 Units of Insulin in the barrel , setup a new Pod, this time 
on my lower back waited 2hrs and checked BG again and finally back to 

I attempted to extract the insulin out of the Pod but it only got 1/2 of 
what I put in and lots and lots of air bubbles.  This is a big drawback to 
the Pods if one should go bad, thowing Insulin away is as precious as the 
pump itself.

I noticed also, it doesn't let you change the basal rates once they are 
programmed into the Pod, you can set temp basals but you cannot edit the 
current Basal program. The syringes they use to fill the Pod get lots of air 
bubbles, not sure why but with the Animas I rarely got any bubbles in the 

You can't find out how much Insulin you have left, it only tells you that it 
is > than 50 units. Weird...... You think it would check the status of the 
Pod and report back the amount left in the resourvore.

The Bolus takes forever to deliver, I gave a 3.3 unit bolus a short while 
ago and it took 2.30 minutes to administer... Very slow...

I have yet to find the IOB and or BOB feature as friendly as the Animas. The 
calculations are also different than that of the Animas.  Typically I have 
the same thing every Sunday AM., An egg and cheese english muffin... 35 
carbs with a small glass of milk.  My BG was 71 so the Bolus I was to take 
per the PDM was 30.  I do as the PDM recommended, checked my BG 2 hrs later 
and wham... BG is 290.

What I like...

The idea of not having tubing, def a plus with young children and lots of 
door knobs in the house, the freedom to have more places for the infusion 
site. the integrated BG meter, graphs and trends of Basals, Boluses and 

Perhaps it will take some getting used to and in fairness to Insulet , I 
will give it a month to see if it works out, so far after 24hrs, I have to 
say my Animas was much more easy to use and allowed many more options in 
terms of Basaling, Bolusing etc.. I think Insulet needs to add more 
functionality to the PDM including the ability to download more than 4 days 
worth of data.  Time will tell and I shall report back with updates.


Dx 1972
Type 1 
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