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[IP] Re: that oh crud feeling-snipped

Bev write back to Lori:

From: Bev O <email @ redacted>
 Subject: Re: [IP] Ever wake up in the night with that "oh crud" feeling? And MM

Hi Lori,

 I've had problems with MM Cartridges and it turned out that it was a defective
 lot. I've never had the infusion set pull out from the cartridge. You do have
ensure that you twist the infusion set on to the cartridge until it clicks. I'm
thinking you may have missed the click or it is a defective cartridge or
infusion set.

I think you misunderstood, but at 2AM, I also didn't explain it well:
 The part you click onto the cartridge is not what dx, it was the actual tubing
itself that came out of the part you click onto the cartridge..that little
straight piece that you grasp, where the tubing goes into it..that tubing pulled
out of that--right where tubing should NOT disconnect.
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